The Mooting & Bar Society are a subcommittee of the Law Society with a focus on advocacy and the career path that leads to the bar. We are comprised of a newly enlarged 6-person committee. With roles that cover all aspects of the committees work including our newly-appointed Non-Law officer. This decision to create a new position reflects the overall aim for the society over the months. That aim is to be as inclusive as possible and encourage and widen participation in Mooting and Bar events. 

Our aim for the Mooting and Bar sub-society this year is to increase the opportunities for students considering or undecided about a career at the bar. To do this, we will be aiming to run a substantial number of events throughout term time both on and off campus; after the huge success of the Lincoln’s Inn Dinner and Information Event in 2019. 


We also aim to encourage our members to sharpen their advocacy skills with our mooting workshops. Advocacy is not a skill exclusive to the bar. More and more solicitors are beginning to engage in advocacy and we want to reflect that in the workshops we run. Being an advocate is also not necessarily exclusive to being a lawyer. Hence why we are also aiming to make our mooting workshops accessible to those who do not study law and who do not necessarily want to be lawyers.

Phoebe Spencer-Hall    Head of Bar     psh513@york.ac.uk

Phoebe Spencer-Hall

Head of Bar


Keep an eye out on the Mooting and Bar and Law Society Facebook pages for more information about our upcoming events and Law Freshers events in October. Questions are welcomed by Master of the Moots
(Joel Reynolds) and Head of Bar (Phoebe Spencer-Hall) 

Joel Reynolds    Master of the Moots     jr1342@york.ac.uk

Joel Reynolds

Master of the Moots