The society’s career programmes have been a raving success over the past year. Over this year, we would like to continue and improve the number of commercial firm panel events and networking opportunities for students interested in commercial law. This means running the successful events again, such as the ‘International Law Panel’ and workshops such as the ‘Commercial Awareness Workshop’. We aim to use the feedback given by firms and students to ensure these events get bigger and better! The society also want to build on the success of the ‘Women in Law’ panel to create a ‘Diversity in Law’ panel where, in addition to women, other underrepresented groups in the legal profession will have the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

This year, the society wants to introduce more exposure to other areas of law. Essentially, we want to give our members the same exposure as they have to commercial law, to other areas whether it be criminal, family, human rights or others. We have received fantastic feedback from both firms and students about relaxed networking, so aim to run these events with firms in more personal law field such as family, human rights and criminal. Hopefully, this will provide members with the insight they need into these overlooked areas of law, helping them make informed decisions about their futures.

Your Careers Secretaries

My name is Emma Slater and I am your Commercial Careers Secretary this year. In this brand new role I aim to help all of you decide whether you want to pursue a career in commercial law and how to achieve that goal. There will be a variety of exciting opportunities to learn about commercial law, including panels and cocktail classes, as well as a chance to meet professionals from the field. 

My name is Dan and I am your General Careers Secretary. This year, my aim to increase exposure to legal careers other than commercial law. I will be organising an array of events for areas of law including family, human rights, criminal and more! In addition to this, together with the Commercial Careers Secretary and Head of Bar, Emma and Phoebe, we will be continuing and improving on the success of ‘AAP’. I am really excited for the year ahead, and am looking forward to working with you all. 

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Our first aim for this academic year is to continue the societies’ mentoring scheme ‘Accelerated Application Programme’. ‘AAP’ will allow students to be mentored by other students, guiding them through various application programmes, whether it be for training contracts, vacation schemes or first year programmes. As part of the programme, your careers secretaries will be running workshops to help improve your chances of succeeding in law firm application processes. 

More information about signing up and events will be coming soon!

Careers Facebook Page

To make information about the society’s careers events more available, we now have a dedicated Facebook page. Please go and like the page!