President's Welcome

On behalf of the Committee for 2018/19, I’m extremely pleased to welcome you to the York Law Society! We are one of the largest and most active societies on campus, and are nationally recognised, having won’s award for “Best Law Society for Non-Law Students” in 2017 and 2018. This Society has two jobs. The first is to help you understand life in the legal sector. The second is to help you achieve your ambitions within it.

This year will see an exciting range of social events. The Law Society traditionally runs several parties through the year alongside our famous Careers Dinner, attended by sixteen firms and three chambers. We are also running several new events. These include a summer Cruise on the Ouse, an international trip, visits to London and other Northern cities, a Spring Term Ball and, finally, a Sports Tournament with other Law Societies and firms through our very active sports teams.

We are proudly associated with the world’s most successful and innovative law firms, on both a regional and international scale. We also have strong links with prestigious chambers in London and on the Northern Circuit. Membership enables you to benefit from the close work we do with our network, by learning, first-hand, about life in the legal sector through presentations, workshops, and office visits. Members also benefit from the YLS Application Acceleration Program. This is delivered by professionals and successful students and is designed to turn you from a student into a future solicitor or barrister.

No matter where you interest in the legal sector lies, we are well equipped to help you reach your goals. Our journal, Ebor Lex, provides its students with an academic outlet on issues they are passionate about, which lie at the intersection between the law and current events. Our Mooting and Bar Society has been nationally shortlisted as one of the best in the country, and last year reached the finals of the Landmark Chambers Moot, as well as the semi-final of the ESU Essex Court Chambers Moot. We are also extremely proud to work closely with Aspiring Solicitors, an organisation dedicated to improving social mobility, diversity and inclusivity within the solicitors’ profession.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of my membership of this Society and promise that you will too. The Committee and myself are excited to make 2018/2019 the Law Society’s best year yet.

Adam Hill,

President of the York Law Society, 2018/19